Think about what kind of player you want to be and what level you want to reach and train accordingly.

Alright, so the mindset section is pretty simple. You are never going to become the player you want to become if you don't have the right mindset and work ethic. There are players you can see across all the sports where they have the skill, they are dubbed to be the next best thing but they never reach their potential. Most of the times its because they don't have the right mindset. So, if you're having a day where you don't feel motivated to do what you know you are supposed to do, jump on here.

Pretty self-explanatory. To be a champion you gotta eat and work like a champion. You need to take care of your body properly and make sure you are at your peak when playing a match. Taking care of your body properly will give you that little edge over your competitors that may help you win. In this section we will post hockey specific information that is approved by sports dietitians and physiotherapists but you have to understand that everybody is different, therefore all the information posted here will be general information. If you want information specific to you, we recommend you consult a dietitian or physiotherapist. This section will be divided into two parts.

  • Nutrition
  • Workout

In this part, we'll go through the fundamental skills of hockey first like hitting, dribbling etc. and make sure the foundation of your hockey is good and then from there we will move on to more advance skill.

A Game of Hockey is 60 mins long now with 4 quarters of 15 mins. Out of those 60 mins, lets say you are a sub for 15 mins which gives you 45 mins of play time. Out of those 45 mins, your team is going to have the ball for half the time and of the 20-25 mins your team has the ball, you might get the ball for a maximum of 5 mins(if you are lucky) where you are going to get to use the skills we go through in the technique part. For the rest of the time you need to help your team by making sure your off the ball movement is perfect. In this section we will go through the those off the ball skills.