Need Help Building Your Stick?

Here’s a brief guide for you explaining the options we provide. Hopefully that will help clear up a few questions you might have.

Carbon percent

Higher the percent, the more power you get from the stick. However, the maxed out version is not always going to be the best fit for everyone. The more the carbon percent, the harder it is to trap the ball.


Lighter the stick, the easier it is going to be to move the stick around for skills like dribbling. Heavier the stick, the harder you can hit the ball. Therefore attackers usually go for a lighter stick and defenders usually go for a heavier stick.


  1. Plain
  2. Twill – Makes the stick a little bit stiffer.

Height has a picture that will help you decide what size hockey stick to get.

field hockey stick sizing

Bow position and bow height

The bow type is determined by the position of the bow

There are quite a few types of bows available in the market. However all the bows are a variation of midbow, low bow. To keep it simple we have grouped all the bow positions into these two as follows.

  1. Low Bow – 200mm - 240mm
  2. Mid Bow – 240mm<

You could go for these two variation, however, if you are looking for anything specific, let us know and we’ll mould the stick according to you requirements. Just write it down in the ‘requests’ section on the product page or send us an email.

As the game started to move towards skills like aerials, drag flicks and 3d skills, more and more players have started to opt for the low bow as it makes lifting the ball a bit easier. However, if you use skills like tackling, sweeping etc more and don’t need to lift the ball that often, you could go for the mid bow.

You'd want to go for a higher bow if you are having issues with hitting the ball on the ground and it keeps on going into the net when you're not trying to. 

The bow height of the stick is the amount of bend the bow has.

Other features

  1. TomoHawk Zone - Makes hitting tomohawks easier.
  2. Groove in head – Makes dribbling easier.
  3. Groove in shaft – Ideal for drag flicking.
  4. Oval Handle – Increases bow height.

Sandpaper finish/Touch compound

A sandpaper finish on the hook helps with the first touch. It gives a similar effect as sticking a tape on the hook and shaft.


  1. 2 Cores – Sticks usually use a 2 core build.
  2. 3 Cores – Makes the stick a bit stronger but uses a bit more carbon. Therefore, the starting weight for 3 core sticks is 550gm.

If you want recommendations from us on what stick to get based on your style of play then fill up this google form and we'll get back to you in less than 12 hours.

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